Ugh, Srsly, ugh.




INFMETRY star projector.

I really genuinely want this.

Oh, this is cool, but I bet it’s one of those insanely expensive things I’ll never be able to have in a million years.


Some assembly required, but it looks fun to assemble. AND THOSE RESULTS HOLY CRAP

Yep, added to my wishlist, for sure!

$22?!? I know what want for Christmas this year…

If anyone wanted to get me a late birthday present…


You’ve no doubt played my hit game Spaceonaut Spacethousand by now (if not, playing it now will help what comes next make marginally more sense, so I recommend it. It’ll only take you a minute). And I know what you’re thinking: “This is an excellent game, game of the year, no question, but I just wish it had more buttons. And I wish it was less clear what those buttons did.”

Well you’re in luck! Introducing SPACEONAUT SPACETHOUSAND: FULL ALPHABET EDITION! Instead of just using three keys, like regular Spaceonaut Spacethousand did, SPACEONAUT SPACETHOUSAND: FULL ALPHABET EDITION uses all 26 letter key on your keyboard, starting with A and making it all the way down to Z! Wow! That makes SPACEONAUT SPACETHOUSAND: FULL ALPHABET EDITION over 8 times more fun than regular Spaceonaut Spacethousand (approximately)!

Now, I bet you’re thinking “That’s amazing but I was wondering” and then I cut you off, because you do not even need to say it, of course there’s a zine where I will give you slightly more information about what each of the keys does in exchange for a token amount of money. Give me 25 american cents and I will give you the space official companion space zine, SPACEONAUT SPAZINE. How do you give me this money? I don’t know, you figure it out. If there’s actually any demand maybe I’ll figure something out.

SPACEONAUT SPACETHOUSAND: FULL ALPHABET EDITION! Because one button games are so August 31st, 2009! Because breaking games is my passion! Because every video games is an incredibly complex piece of technology performing a few narrow tasks while being capable of a vastly larger number of tasks! Because I wanted too! Because this was a good compromise between the kind of projects which fit well with my school works and the stupid kind of projects I find truly delightful! Because SPACE!

V scared the balls out of me.  Jeebus.  Not ok, man.  Put a warning on it or something.  lordy.

Fahrenheit 451 review

Good christ, Ray Bradbury should not have been allowed to read it himself. This was the single worst audio book have ever listened to.

No review or critique on the content. Just a warning: don’t.

NEXT: 2001 A Space Odyssey



maurice sendak

There he go



maurice sendak

There he go


i would take down an entire army of dogs for Blake Belladonna


Every time we start to wonder if humanity has finally plumbed the smoky, greasy depths of cooking with bacon, we can always count on Nick from DudeFoods (previously featured here) to create something new and awesomely mouthwatering. Today that delectable something is S’mores Bacon: fried strips of bacon slathered in melted marshmallows and sprinkled with crushed graham crackers.

"Then, just to get the marshmallow nice and gooey again and to warm up the graham cracker crumbles I put them in my oven for two minutes at 400°."

The last step? Dip the strips in melted chocolate and eat every last bite.

[via DudeFoods]

My review of 1984:

Christ, that was existentially bleak.